Navigation Tips and Reminders

1) ) All receipts received by us in all of our Sales and promotions must be received no later than 3 days after end of sale. Contact us through our contact page or forward to the email address shown on the contact page.

2) When navigating our website you must go to one of our products or product pages. This will take you to the Amazon or Clickbank distributor page. To qualify for gift Card our distributor affiliate has put a 24 hour time limit on purchase of that product. That doesn’t mean we at Hackett Storefront want you to rush your order. We encourage our shoppers to take their time shopping and read reviews of products.

3) A plus to our web site. When navigating our site and a product takes you to the Amazon page we encourage you to search anywhere on that site and purchase your product. Also the purchase for Hackett Storefront to receive commissions is still purchasing the product within the 24 hour period. After that return to our page and do it again. If you need further information about this policy please contact us on our contact page.

Hackett Storefront is now offering our own brand of products. This will be indicated when you go to an item and it doesn’t bring up Amazon page. If you would like to purchase these products we require that you contact us. Billing will be through paypal and done through email that we send you. We are sorry for the inconvenience. It is only temporary.