Navigating the Site

1) All receipts sent to us from Sales and Promotions must be received no later than 3 days after the sale expires. Send it to one of the emails found on our contact page.

2) When navigating our website click on the PRODUCTS PAGE. To purchase an item click on the item and complete your order on the site that follows such as Amazon. To qualify for a Gift Card our distributor affiliate has put a 24-hour time limit on the purchase of that product. That doesn’t mean we at Hackett Storefront want you to rush your order. We encourage our shoppers to take their time shopping and read reviews of products.

3) A plus to our web site. When you select a product on our site and get redirected to Amazon we encourage you to continue your search there until you find the product you want to purchase. Also, for Hackett Storefront to receive your support after the purchase the order must be completed within a 24 hour period. After that return to our page and do it again. If you have any questions about this information or how to use this site please see our contact info in the menu at the top of the page and feel free to reach out. We always respond immediately.

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